Serialized Romance Novel: The Time Seekers, Installment 3

The following is the third installment of my original romance novel, The Time Seekers.

Sam pulled out of the parking lot of the Physics Café and onto the street.  Normally, she thought to herself, I’d be worrying about my first day of work, especially with the reputation of this jerk.

But she couldn’t stop thinking about her experience at the café. She’d never fainted before in her life.  So why now?  That whole morning had been nothing less than bizarre. The old lady dressed in distinctly Eastern European attire – a babushka, a plain dress and even an apron over that, just like her grandmother used to wear, she thought.

Where did she come from?  One moment I was standing alone, or so it seemed. And the next thing I realize this woman is pushing a necklace – and a quite beautiful one at that – into my hands.  And what did she say when she gave it to me? “It’ll bring me luck and keep me safe.”

And then what did Sofia warn me about her? “She travels through time in a way we don’t understand.” And then exactly where did I go? The memory was never vivid, but it’s fading fast.  It’s beginning to feel like it was just a bad dream.

As she drove closer to the site, her mind shifted its focus. Her first day of work.  She had applied for a three-month stint on an archaeological dig that would hopefully uncover something of value about the history of the area. The dig was aimed at revealing some secrets specifically about 19th century history.

That little old lady also seemed to know I was “digging in the dirt,” as she said.  How did she know that?  Then she thought about Peter, her best friend from Ohio State. Of course, she said.  Peter arranged all of this. What a prankster he is.  He said he knew quite a few people on campus. He even said he knew a bunch in the theater department.  How silly of me not to recognize a Peter prank from the very beginning.

She was headed to the Allen House, once a stop along the Underground Railroad in antebellum Ohio. While she had excellent credentials to be a member of the dig, having a bachelor’s degree, plus a professional published paper in archeology, as well as hands-on experience, she was still nervous.

No, it wasn’t the work itself. It was her supervisor. He was notorious for not hiring women on his dig. For what reason, she wasn’t sure, but she was determined she was going to work on that dig.

She had just finished her master’s degree in history at Ohio University and travelled north to Bell Wyck to work with Prof. J. Jordan St. Clair.  The added perk was the opportunity to work on the site.

Hearing through the academic grapevine of this professor’s reputation, Sam decided to tempt fate. She sent her CV using her legal name Sam Mores, but never mentioned she was a woman.

She knew he would see the name and just assume (ah, how she loved that word!) that she was a man.  Under that slight, well, let’s just call it a limitation of the truth, she thought she was a shoo-in for the job. Her only worry was that he would want to meet her in person.

Thankfully that never happened. He hired her sight unseen without even so much as a phone interview.  The stars were aligning for her.

Before she knew it she was at the Allen house.  There was an area to the left of the house where she saw other cars parked. She pulled her car in here. She quickly grabbed some money out of her purse and ran up to the front door.

She opened the door and stepped in.  She walked in and saw who she presumed to be the supervisor of the . . . .

“Oh my God,” he said,  “it’s you.” “What are you doing here?” he asked her.

Terry Newman is the author of the romance novel, Out of Character, published by Crimson Romance (  The book is available in both ebook and print versions. You can purchase the ebook wherever quality ebooks are sold, including, the Barnes and Noble web site and itunes.  The print edition is currently being sold by Amazon.

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Where Did I Go? Installment 2 of Time Seekers

Last Friday (see the previous post) Sam Mores, met an unusual older Slovak woman who gave her a beautiful necklace.  Suddenly the necklace shimmered and vibrated and Sam felt distanced from her own time and place.


“No, don’t go there.  I saw that creature go over there.  How can you not see an animal that size? Please . . . “ Sam’s voice trailed off as she began to slowly open her eyes.

She shook her head slightly and looked around. “Where am I?”

She was lying on a leather couch at the Physics Café.  “You’re right here, Sam, at the Café,” Alvin said.

“B-but how did I get here? I was in a godforsaken land.  I was practically face-to-face with this huge horrible-looking creature.  He looked like an –“

“There, there, my dear,” Sophia said, patting her hand.  “You’ve been through quite enough already.”

“I wasn’t alone; there was some man with me.”  Slowly the fog which seemed to shroud her mind lifted.

 It was then she fully realized where she was.  She also noticed the individuals staring down at her.  She felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she awakens from her dream.  Sophia, Paula, Alvin and some unknown gentleman were all standing vigil over her.

“All I need is Toto,” she said, as she tried to sit up. 

“You’re not going anywhere,” the man said, “at least not anytime soon.”

“Can anyone tell me exactly what happened?  The last I remember was I was standing at the door looking for that woman.”

“The shtriga you mean?” Sophia cried, “I told you not to take the –“

“Matka, not now!  This is not the time!” Paula said.

“Time. That’s what it’s all about! Where were you? Sophia practically demanded of Sam.  “You talked about a large animal.  Your hands are as cold as ice.”

“I don’t know exactly,” Sam replied slowly, as she tried to recreate the scene now fading from her memory, “but it was another  -“

“Matka, you know Sam didn’t go anywhere. She was right here all along. We watched over her every minute.”

Alvin finally interrupted.  “When you went to the door you apparently fainted and that’s when Digger here caught you.  He was just entering and you practically swooned into his arms.”

“Ugh! No I don’t swoon into any man’s arms,” Sam said. Then she looked at Digger.  “I hope you didn’t take that personally.”

“Not at all,” Digger said, “I don’t usually allow women to swoon into my arms, if that makes you feel any better.”

She slowly sat up while Digger talked.  She noticed he had sparkling blue eyes. My, they look peaceful, she thought randomly. If I ever were to swoon into any man’s arms, I’d probably pick you. Where did that come from?

She guessed he had to be just slightly shorter than six foot, but she also knew that her judgment might be slightly impaired.

“I’ll get you a coffee,” Alvin said.  He walked over to the counter and said to Simon, one of the other owners of the coffee shop, “No swooning huh?” he said.  “I’ve seen more relationship start, flourish and break up here, including one which ended in a female wrestling championship.”

He returned with a cup of strong, black coffee.  Sam cupped her hands over the white mug, sniffed the liquid and let the aroma filter through her system.

“If you will excuse me,” Digger said, “but I must be going. I was due at work nearly forty-five minutes ago.” He looked straight into Sam’s eyes when he said that.

“Oh¸ I’m sure your boss will understand.  Just tell him some woman swooned into your arms.  He can’t be that mean-hearted,” Sam said, as she took her first sip of coffee.

“You don’t understand the half of it,” he said, “I am the boss.  My employees will never late me live this down.  This is a day that will live in infamy for them.”

“Oh no!” she cried as she tried to jump from the couch.  Sophia held her down. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I need to get to my first day of work.  I’m late.”

“Listen, Sam,” Alvin said, “your boss will understand.”

“Understand what?  That I’m late because I got dizzy, fainted and swooned.  I got transported to some land before time or something? If my boss were Digger he may understand. But trust me, this guy’s reputation precedes him. He  isn’t nearly as cool as Digger.”

“You should at least sit for a few more minutes and finish your coffee,” Alvin suggested.

“You should also throw that necklace away,” Sophia said, as Sam took another long drink of her coffee.

“Where is it anyway?” she asked. 

Paula answered, “In the pocket of your jeans.  I didn’t want you to lose it.” Sam noticed that Sophia shot a quick look at her daughter.

 “I’m feeling better. Thank you all so much. I’m feeling good enough to drive.”

 “Don’t leave quite yet,” Alvin said, “let me get you a cup of coffee and we’ll pack you up a couple dozen of cookies as a peace offering.  Everyone can munch on them throughout the day.”

 He stood up and sprinted the short distance to the counter.  With the help of Simon, he had a variety of cookies in a clear plastic container, then he placed it in a bag.

 Sam walked up to the counter. He legs were a little shaky, but she was sure she’d be able to drive.  The mind fog she experienced had lifted immensely with the caffeine alone.

“See, I’m fine,” she said to Alvin.  She placed her hands in her pockets and felt the necklace.  “Amulet, evil omen, bull,” she thought, “It’s just a beautiful necklace – nothing more.” She would have put the necklace on right there, but she didn’t want the wrath of Sophia, and possibly Paula, on her.

Alvin handed her a coffee to go and the cookies.  Then he wrote his cell phone number on a scrap of paper.  “Text me when you get there, please.”

“How sweet of you,” Sam said.  “I will, I promise.” She flashed him a large, natural smile.

Sam walked toward the door with Sophia following her.  “Matka, what are you doing? Paula asked, trying to catch up with her.

Sophia stopped long enough to turn on her heal.  “I’m just making sure she makes it to her car.  Come, you can follow me.”

Sam stopped so her entourage could catch up.  Once at her red Oldsmobile Alero, she thanked the ladies for their concern.

“Don’t wear the –“


“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful with it, I promise,” Sam knew she couldn’t promise she wouldn’t wear it.  It was just too beautiful, too inviting to her.  It was almost as if the necklace was calling to her, inviting her to wear it.

“Let me just ask you this.  Did you really leave the present and travel back in time when you fainted,” she quickly placed her two fingers over the young woman’s mouth.  Don’t tell me, dear. Just think about it. That’s all, just think about it.  Where did you go when you fainted?”

Sam started the engine pulled out of the parking lot and asked herself the same question, “Where did I go?”


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Cliffhanger Friday — Time Seekers – Part 1)

Welcome to Cliffhanger Friday.

My characters are a bit impatient. They all want to be featured in my next work and they’re tired of waiting to be written in.  Not only that, but there are other characters who are scheduled to appear in a third work — and they’re really impatient.

In order to appease them — and be able to live in peace with them — I’m presenting Cliffhanger Friday.  Each week, you’ll have the pleasure (at least I hope it is!) of meeting new characters and following their experiences.

Let me know if you enjoy it!

“Shrtiga! Shrtiga!”  Sophia shrieked, pointing her finger at the old woman.  She stepped in  between the strange intruder and Sam.  “Don’t you dare lay a curse upon her head.” She quickly made the sign of the cross.”Bosha moya.” She said, then muttered a prayer of protection in her native Slovak language.

Sophia Pierogie knew a shritga when she saw one. And there was no doubt in her mind she was looking one square in the eye right now.

Sophia emigrated from Czechoslovakia nearly 50 years ago. But she still remembered how Prague had been overrun with these half witch-half vampire like women. What were the odds, she thought, of one walking into The Physics Café in the small town of  Bell Wyck, Ohio?

Both Sophia and her daughter Paula worked at the coffee shop on the campus of University of Northern Ohio since the entire family – known professionally as The Tumbling Pierogies – were laid off from a traveling circus.

The elderly woman, the object of Sophia’s admonitions, stood dead still, a heavy dark colored babushka on her head, tied under her chin. Sam Mores, a history graduate student, looked horrified.  But not nearly as horrified as Paula who darted up, placing herself squarely between her mother and the older woman.  It looked like s Slovak police line-up.

“Matka! Matka!  Please we’re in America now, not in Slovakia.  I’m sure she’s not a shtriga.” Even though she voiced those words, Paula was not taking any chances and made the sign of the cross, too.

“But she is.  I remember her from the Old World.  She performed evil magic.  Now, she’s trying to do the same evil here. She moves through time in ways we can’t understand.  Paula, I know you don’t know the old ways -”

“Matka.  No more.  There are orders in the back waiting for us. There are customers needing to eat.  Please no more.”

Sofia took a wary step backward, her gaze firmly fixed on the stranger.  She took a second step backward.  She walked the entire length from the booth to the kitchen door backwards.  Before she entered, she made another sign of the cross.  “Boisha Moya.”

With her mother out of sight, Paula apologized.  “I’m sorry about my mother’s outburst,” she said.  “She’s been in America for nearly 50 years, but she still lives in the Old Country.  I’m not expecting you to understand.”

Sam smiled.  It had been an interesting encounter to say the least.  “Oh, but I do understand.  It’s fine.”

Just then Alvin, one of the three owners of the café, called her.  “You will excuse me, please.  And again, please accept my apologies.”


The older woman merely nodded.  Sam gave Paula a big smile.  “It’s fine.  Thank you.”


Once the elderly woman was alone with Sam again, she took her hand and pressed something in it, closing the young woman’s fist around it.  “You wear this when you start your project this summer digging in the dirt.  It will bring you luck, love and keep you safe.  I promise.”


She slowly turned around and began to leave.

Sam felt a strange shot of electricity bolt through her body.  “But how do you know I’m ‘digging in the dirt’?”


“Maybe Sofia is right.  Maybe I am a shtriga.”  And with that she walked out.  Stunned, Sam stood there motionless.  After a few seconds, she ran out the door and looked for the woman. She was nowhere to be found.


But she couldn’t have walked that fast to be out of sight.  Where did she go?  Then Sofia’s words echoed through her mind, sounding as clear as if the Slovak gymnast were standing next to her.  “She travels in time in a way no one understands.”


“I told you” Sofia was standing next to her.  “I told you she travels through time.  It’s a mystery.  Actually, it’s evil.  And whatever she gave you, whatever you’re holding in your hand you should throw away.  You’ll come to regret it if you accept it.”


Sam had actually forgotten about the object.  Her fist was still clutching it. She slowly opened it.  Lying in her palm was the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen. It consisted of two simple but elegant stones.  A hematite, shiny black and a white quartz.


Then suddenly, the jewels on the necklace glowed.  They shimmered taking on an iridescent look and Sam felt her hand vibrating.  It  began as a small, nearly imperceptible vibration at first, but it soon grew to a  shivering throughout her body.  The buildings on the street outside, the students loaded down with back packs, messenger bags and armloads of books appeared to fade away.  Even Sophia’s continued words of warning sounded more distant.

She felt less a part of this world and more a part of . . .



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Lesson Learned From “Release Day”

It’s been more than a week since my book, “Out of Character” was released.  I’d like to thank all who came out that Monday evening and shared in the celebration.  I love you all.

Earlier that day somebody asked me how I was. It was a simple, polite question.  Of course, I responded “Great.”  After all it was my release day, right?  How could anything go wrong.  Then spontaneously I added, “I’m not going to let any SOB muck up this day for me.” Actually,  I used a little stronger language, but you get the idea.

The following morning I woke up.  I realized the joy I felt the previous day was of my own choice.  I had decided no one would mess up my intention of having a good day.

So?  What was the difference between July 9 and July 10?  Okay, 24 hours, I know.  But I realized that I can have a “release day” every day when it came to my attitude. Why should I let anyone muck up any day.

So today, my blissful vow is to try to live each day in an amazingly good mood.  You know the type.  The type of mood where everyone just looks at you like you’re crazy or you don’t fully understand the severity of the events occurring around you.

When did you experience your last “release day?”  Starting today, don’t let anyone outside of you destroy your good mood.  Make everyday joyful.  Ultimately, it’s your choice!Image

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Don’t Reset Your Browser by Blake Teesdale

Don’t reset your browser.  You’re at the right blog.  Terry is busy guest blogging at other sites this week and next.  I told her I’d be happy to be a guest blogger.

You don’t know me – yet!  I’m Blake Teesdale.  Alex and I along with several other characters have been hanging out with Terry for several months now. She claims she’s going to kick us out July 9.  The release date of our novel, “Out of Character.”  But I don’t believe it. I think we’ll be staying with her for a very long time.

In her book, I’m the “fictional” character who jumps out of the book JJ Sprightly is writing. Think about this a moment.  Because I’m getting dizzy thinking about it myself.  I’m a fictional character within a work of fiction.  I jump out of my fictional story, then along with the others in Terry’s book, “Out of Character” I jump out again.  I’ve made two quantum leaps.

Yes, by the way, it does get a bit crowded with all of us living together.  In addition to Terry, there’s Alex Zurich (the love of my life!), JJ Sprightly, Kennedy King Cooper and myself.  One big happy family.  At least one big family!

On the plus side, I haven’t caught the kitchen on fire or flooded the bathroom like I did at JJ’s. Wait till you read about that.  Quite embarrassing!

But I digress.  The bottom line is this:  I can’t wait to introduce myself to each and every one of you come July 9.  You can find me and Alex, at, Barnes and and iTunes.  I’ve never jumped out of a Kindle or an iPad before.  I’d love to jump out of yours.  See you soon!

Oh, wait, I almost forgot.  Follow me on Twitter @BlakeTeesdale.

And yes, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that you can find Terry at under the heading “Meet the Ladies in Red.”

She’ll also be on Beth Yarnall’s blog site,, July 13, and at, at a date to be announced soon.

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Unleashing My Inner SmartA%#

The Unleashing of My Inner SmartA&#

No, no! I meant to say smart alec. The unleashing of my inner smart alec.

And we all know that it was never shy to begin with. But with the upcoming publication of my very (very) first romantic-comedy novel, Out of Character, by Crimson Romance,my inner smart alec thinks it has a license to spout off continuously.

This is not a very good thing for my friends. My sister-in-law contends I’ve been “slappin’ it out there” as she calls my observations and literal takes on the world for some time. Since 19-*mumble, mumble* the year of my birth.

Well, just to let you know, I can’t help it. It’s genetic. I come from a long line of “slappers” who spout off things they believe are funny. Our inner smart alecs were never really that “inner” to begin with.

You see, a little success can be dangerous and downright annoying. If not to the person experiencing the success, at least to those around her who now must tolerate – and pretend to appreciate – her inner smart alec.

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Meet the Tumbling Pierogies

The Tumbling Pierogies were new in Bell Wyck, Ohio.  A family of five, they were laid off from the traveling circus when it was in town.  Their low cash balance helped to make a decision to stay in town.  It seemed like home anyway because so many individuals were of Slovak descent and heritage.

Sofia and her daughter Paula found jobs at the Physics Café.  Paula served. Sofia normally cooked.  But when Teri Yaki the food critic for the local newspaper, The Bell Wyck Times, visited the café the owners pulled out all the stops.

Both Paula and Sofia delivered the food to Teri Yaki.  Once it was placed on the table, Sophia crouched low.  Paula took several steps back, tumbled forward toward her mother whose shoulders were instinctively waiting for her daughter’s feet.  Grabbing Paula’s ankles, she quickly positioned them squarely on her shoulders and stood up, Paula standing on top of her.

The younger Pierogie spread her arms wide in triumph as the customers in the Café applauded and gave her a standing ovation.

Unfortunately, all Ms. Yaki gave them was a look of disdain.

The following day, the critic’s review in her column, The Bell Wyck Bowl, lashed out at what she called an “inappropriate, immature and absolutely unnecessary display of gymnastic tomfoolery.  The owners of the café, it’s apparent should stick to what they know best, physics.  Not only are they wasting their time with some irrelevant display of gymnastics, but they  have no concept of what goes into a good meal.  Regardless of the allegedly clever names you give the dishes, a chicken melt is still a chicken melt even if you name it Chernobyl Chicken Meltdown.  And like the original event, the sandwich was a disaster.”

 Simon, one of the three geek owners of the café, was horrified as he read the review that morning.  He was about to text his one partner Alvin, when the phone rang.  Looking at the caller ID on the cell, he immediately answered it, “Yes, Alvin, I’ve already seen the review.  We’re doomed.”

 The co-owner cut him off.  “That’s what you think.  In fact, that’s what I thought.  Hey could you come in this morning as soon as possible?”

 “Why did our venture capitalist friends pull the rug out from under us after reading this.”

“Quite the opposite.  I’ve got a line forming out the door.  I need help handling this crowd.  It reminds me of the days when we had Blake and Alex text marketing for us.  Teri Yaki’s column was the best thing that happened to us.  I also had to call in Sophia and Paula.  Everyone wants to see their tumbling act.”


Meet The Pier0gies

 Paul Pierogie, Dad

Sofia, Mom 

“I’m not an original Pierogie.  I’m a Slanina originally.”




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Out of Character — Chapter 1


     “Good morning, Sunshine.”
     That voice, even muffled, indistinct and distant, sounded eerily familiar. Yet, JJ couldn’t quite place it.  Had she imagined it? She held still a moment, deciding.  Silence.  Shifting her weight, she snuggled her head deeper into the pillow of her crossed arms on the desk, rolled her chair about a bit, finding the perfect position and posture. Then sighing deeply and contently, she prepared for the return of sleep.

As she floated in the dream-like world between sleep and awake, she sensed she must have dosed off while working on her novel.  Perhaps my sister is right, she thought, maybe I am working too hard. This seemed to be getting to be a habit.

Nobody was calling her; nobody needed her.  She wrapped herself in the comfort of peaceful slumber. The manuscript could wait a little longer.   All she needed was a few more minutes of glorious rest . . . and then . . .

     “No use ignoring us.” 

The voice cracked the silence like a hammer hitting a slab of ice.  The words jolted her awake; she sprung up into a full sitting position. It was the same voice again.  JJ was sure of it.  Only now it sounded closer than before, sharper, more commanding.

Another moment of silence — this time not so peaceful.  She felt goose bumps run up her arms at the thought someone might actually be talking to her. She lived alone.  How could anyone be calling her? Tension and fear paralyzed her.  She tried to move an arm, but couldn’t.

“We’re not going anywhere.”

She tried to blink away the blurred surroundings, to focus her eyes on her home office.  She could feel the rhythm of her heart increase as it beat faster.  The echoing of it in her chest vibrated with panic and pulsed through her body.

Could it possibly be she wasn’t alone?

She blinked several times more.  It was difficult though to focus, last night’s long hours still fogged her thoughts. The scenes and the characters of her novel still dancing, center stage, through her mind.

Her sense of reality languidly returned.  Cobwebs stubbornly clung to the innermost recesses of her mind. She sat completely still for a moment longer, unnerved by the very possibility that someone was watching her.

Then slowly, eyes finally adjusting, she scrutinized her surroundings.  She carefully surveyed the eclectic mix of elements that made this office a welcoming work room for her. The tall mahogany bookcase against the far wall, filled with college history texts and romance novels, photos of her late husband and herself mounted above the credenza, a man and a woman sitting on the love seat staring blithely at her, a large pile of papers on her desk to her left, her coffee mug on her desk from the night before . . .

A couple sitting on her loveseat?  Was that right?  Her eyes immediately shot back to the pair.  JJ gazed at them for what seemed like an eternity, but was merely a few seconds.

“It’s about time you acknowledge our presence,” the man said.

Groggily, she looked around her. “Yeee-Owwww!”  She shot up out of the chair like a rocket, the full impact of what she saw finally penetrating  her. The stack of papers scattered throughout the room like huge dandelion seeds on a windy day. The chair clunked down, falling to one side.

She couldn’t get out from behind the desk quickly enough.  “W-w-who are you? How did you get in here?”  She also wanted to know why they were drinking from her favorite cups, but that seemed far less the issue at this point.

The man spoke first.  “Why, you were right, Love,” he said, directing his remarks to the woman sitting to his left.  “She doesn’t recognize us.”  The young woman just smiled and sipped her beverage.  Swallowing slowly, her gaze caught JJ’s.  Then she looked at her companion.  “Well, Blake, it’s not every day characters like us drop in out of the blue.”

She crossed her legs, lightly tugged at her red dress and glanced back at JJ with a smile that so disarmed the writer she almost smiled back.

“It really is a shame, though, she doesn’t recognize us.”

“Indeed, Alex, you would think that she would know us instantly, now wouldn’t you?”  They continued to talk between themselves, purposely and calmly, ignoring her presence.

“No,”  JJ said.  “I don’t recognize you two because I don’t know who the hell you are or how the hell you got in my house.”

“But we know you,” the gentleman said, bringing the cup to his lips but pausing before sipping, “You’re JJ Sprightly, romance author.”

“H-h-how do you know me?”

Fearful of making any sudden moves, she slowly inched herself towards the telephone sitting on the desk, ensuring she was within a hand’s reach of the phone. Instead of reaching for its receiver, she reached down, towards her foot.  Struggling to gain composure, the writer tried to direct her mind to work. She felt as if her brain were scattered along the better part of two states.  She pushed everything but the present moment out of her mind.  She prayed she was wearing heels so she could use them as a possible weapon should the need arise.  She touched her foot.

Damn!  She was wearing her Peter Rabbit slippers.  She couldn’t hurt anyone in those things.  When was the last time anyone had been “fluffied to death?”  Still, she was hesitant to make any quick moves, not knowing what these two characters wanted.

“I’m Blake,” the man said flatly, as if that name should mean something to her.  “Blake Teesdale.”

“And I’m Alex.  Alex Zurich.  Remember me?”

JJ leaned her head forward, scrutinizing the pair.  “Oh . . .  my . . . God . . . you’re not . . . you couldn’t be.”

Then she fainted.

“Didn’t see that one coming, did you Alex?”



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Meet Mystery Writer Darrell James

I’m thrilled to announce that my creative writing group is hosting the award-winning mystery writer, Darrell James, Friday Oct. 14, 2011. We meet at Rotelli’s Restaurant along Belmont Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  And you’re invited!

His novel “Nazareth Child” is due to be released by Llewellyn Sept. 8. The novel features missing persons investigator, Del Shannon, in her first adventure, searching for the mother she’s never known.

She finds herself in the tight-knit town of Nazareth Church, Ky., where she meets a faith healer, Silus Rule, who appears to know something of her past. Not knowing if her mother is dead or alive her search leads her to a faith healer, Silus Rule, who appears to know at least bits and pieces of her past.  But with only a hand-embroidered sampler and a tiny moon icon as her clues, she digs into secrets that may be left unanswered, according to some.

Don’t miss Mr. James’ presentation.  He’ll have copies of his book and be more than happy to sign one for you.  Again, that’s Friday, Oct. 14th.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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How To Get a Police Officer’s Attention

So who knew that traveling in a pickup truck, shortly after the bars close, carrying a motorcycle in the truck bed would be a red flag for the police to stop you?


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